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Tecnodiesel Murcia

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Vehicle workshop

Mechanical workshop with the latest technological advances

At Tecnodiesel Murcia Taller Espinardo we work with the most up-to-date diagnostic machines, capable of quickly resolving any anomaly in your vehicle. In addition, our technicians are in continuous training.

A safe bet,

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General mechanics

Maintenance or repair services for automobile components. We only use original spare parts.

Oil change, filters

The friction of metallic components inevitably produces microscopic metallic particles. These particles travel in the oil causing erosion and wear of moving parts.

Level review

Review and if necessary, level up of the key liquids of your vehicle.

Brake discs replacing, brake pads and clutches

Brake pads are essential to ensure even and effective braking.


Suspension systems seek a compromise between two antagonistic requirements; the maintenance of the stability of the vehicle subjected to powerful forces during its displacement and the comfort of its occupants.


Detailed diagnosis of the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts of the system; leaks, flow, temperature...


The tires are the only elements of the vehicle in direct contact with the asphalt of the road, therefore it is vital to be right with their choice as well as with the tire inspection and repair times.


If you are going to carry out the PRE ITV inspection, you are on the right path to be able to continue driving your car in the safest way and with all the guarantees of passing the ITV favorably.


Authorized service of main manufacturers brand on market

We are part of your vehicle´s heart


What make us different

Possibility of displacement

Area of activity: national territory

Cars, vans and trucks up to 3,500 kg.

Repair and maintenance of urban cleaning vehicles

DPF cleaning, catalistysts and Intercoolers

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