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Tecnodiesel Murcia

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We are one of the largest and best equipped laboratories in Europe, having
our facilities with more than 25 test benches.

If what you want is repair or remanufacture your part, we offer our repair service and you´ll have it back in your workshop ready to be installed in a max period of 72h (peninsula); with all the manufacturer´s guarantees and protocols.

Repair in less than 72 hours

Every part is tested on manufacturer´s bench, with absolute traceability, and following original guidelines and protocols.

 2 remanufactured lines


Its function is to provide high-pressure fuel to the engine's compression cycle in spray form, distributing it as evenly as possible within the air contained in the chamber.

Repair and technical service of injectors:

Common rail injectors

Combustion injection's electronic system for direct engine diesel engines

Pump injectors

Component that connects pressure generation with fuel injection inside the combustion chamber

Conventional injectors

Its mission is introducing fuel injection into the combustion chamber of the diesel engine

Piezo injectors

The piezoelectric phenomenon consists of a quartz crystal that changes size when subjected to an electrical impulse


The injectors are component elements of the fuel injection system whose functions are to introduce a certain amount of fuel in the combustion chamber 81 combustion chamber_ -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_in powdered form, distributing it as evenly as possible within the air contained in the chamber.

At Tecnodiesel Murcia we are distributors and specialists in repair and technical service for:

  • common rail injectors

  • Injectors Pumps

  • Exchange injectors


The diesel injection pump is the vehicle component responsible for raising the fuel pressure and sending it to the engine in an appropriate way.

Repair and technical service of pumps:

VP44 pumps

It works in such a way that the pressure generated by the low fuel system is exerted against the face of one of the pistons.

CP1-4 pumps

The correct function of the pump  is guaranteed by the attached protocol of having carried out a dynamic test at the authorized station.

Inline pumps

It is characterized by having a pumping element for each engine cylinder and by having a revolution regulator attached.


The turbo diesel is a turbine moved by the exhaust gases connected by a shaft to a compressor that compresses the intake air so that more quantity enters.

Repair and technical service of turbos:

Turbos of main brands on market, subjected to an exhaustive inspection and repairing process and remanufactured under our SARR line.

Turbos reconstruidos de intercambio

 2 remanufactured lines

TDM line

Exchange products with genuine spare parts and into manufacturer's box (line premium TDM)


Exchange products, with parts of equivalent quality.

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