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Tecnodiesel Murcia

Privacy Policy

The origin of the information we process can be any of the following categories:

  • Paper, electronic or digital forms.

  • Communication and messaging systems: email messaging applications, telephone, etc.

  • Other lawful sources and origins of information.

The different types of data that we process, depending on the interested party (user, client, supplier, employee) and the different existing processing purposes may be:
The different categories of data that we can treat depending on the type of interested party (user, client, supplier, employee, etc.) and the nature of the activity of the person in charge and the different data treatments are:

  • Identification data, for example: name and surnames, image.

  • Identification codes or keys, for example: username, employee code.

  • Postal or electronic contact addresses, for example: telephone, email, profile on social networks.

  • Data of personal and professional characteristics, for example: age, date of birth, qualifications, professional experience, curriculum.

  • Economic, financial and insurance data; for example: bank details, credit card, etc.

  • Economic and non-economic payroll data and other information of a labor nature; for example: job position, payroll document, etc.

  • Transaction data, for example: goods and services supplied and received.

  • Special category data, for example: health, union membership, racial origin.

  • Other data and information necessary or implicit in the development of our activities, services and object.

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